Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Me and the guy interning with me left on Monday for Harbin and we will get back on Thursday morning. We were able to take the High-speed railway and get here in 3.5 hours!

✪ We are going to be changing out church times this week. Nothing too major but we are going to be adding a service and making another service start later to hopefully better meet the needs of the people in our area.

✪ With help from people in the church, we have passed out almost 2000 church invitations in about a week’s time.

✪ The internship is going great. It ends next week, which is a sad thing, but I am thankful for the time that we have had over the past five weeks.

✪ I was able to participate in a Wedding on Sunday. I did the vows, exchanging of the rings, pronouncmenet and then told them about the greatest example of love, Jesus.

✪ Sunday morning we had two first time visitors come to church. One of them asked after the service why the message made her cry. I preached on salvation!

✪ We found a bunch of Christians movies in/with Chinese for about $0.60 each. We hope touse these in the future to help us outreach.

✪ Since I am traveling, I am going to make this short and sweet and not add any of the normal links.

✪ Today we helped one of the new churches fix up a new building they are renting. Also, I am looking forward to preaching tomorrow night.

✪ Please be praying for us as we are traveling and that we will benefit from this trip. Also, pray for my wonderful wife and kids as they are at home (I miss them).

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