Weekly Mind Dump

✪ The summer internship is over! Praise The Lord for a great time with a young man who is desirous to serve Him and gave up his summer vacation to serve at the church. I am excited to see what God is going to do in and through him in the future!

✪ We had an encouraging time in Harbin last week. The ministry there is pressing forward looking to start new churches and train more men. God has really blessed their efforts!

✪ The next school semester starts in about two weeks. We are excited to reach out to more college students and are praying that many will be saved!

✪ This past Thursday we had two first time visitors. One came because a church member invited her and the other came from the church invitation.

✪ We made a new church invitation with an updated design and information, which includes; Church name, logo, website, service times, address, phone number, email, walking directions, a map, John 3:16, and the back includes a paragraph that answers the question “What is the Gospel?”

✪ I had to put a lot on hold over the past five weeks because we have been so busy with the internship. I will be getting caught up soon on emails, blogs and everything else I temporary put to the side.

✪ I was reminded recently that we need to pray and keep looking for several men to be trained for the ministry. Our goal isn’t one church and one pastor, but many churches and many pastors. Please pray with us about this.

✪ We just ordered our third batch of church business cards/ flyers. We have gone through about 7,000 cards already and almost 5,000 gospel flyers. So if each person or home represents 3 people then we have possibly notified about 21,000 people about the church and/or gospel.

✪ Our 6th year anniversary of marriage is coming up on Sunday. I know I have failed my wife in many ways and I don’t always live up to who I should be, but I am thankful for her and that God allowed me to marry her.

✪ We got married very young and my wife has been by my side through all the trials that we have gone through over the years. She has put up with many things that most wives won’t ever have to deal with. God’s grace has been shown to us over and over. I am excited to see where His grace takes us and brings us closer to him and each-other over the next six years, Lord willing!

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