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Watch China Ramblings! Vlog S001 E003 – Summertime Craze! In this episode we give updates about all that God is doing at the church, introduce our summer intern and we travel to Harbin on the High-speed railway. You can subscribe to our channel to get more updates in the future.

✪ Sunday was our 6th year anniversary! To celebrate, we are leaving the kids and going to a city north of us for a few days. I am looking forward to getting away with just the wife!

✪ When we moved cities last year we sold our car. That help us with the cost of relocating, getting used to the transportation systems in our new city and kept us from having to do a lot of paperwork. Now that we have reimbursed the moving cost and have familiarized ourselves with the city, we are looking to buy a car again. We will apply the money from our the last vehicle to this new vehicle.

✪ My normal day usually consist of taking three kinds of transportation. First, my oldest daughter and I walk down to the main road, go up some steps to cross the road, come down on the other side and wait for a taxi. The taxi takes us to her school. From there I get on a public bus and take it to the church. When I go home at night, I usually take a motorcycle taxi. This is the most convenient way to get around right now.

✪ With winter coming, transportation only gets more complicated, so we are looking at purchasing a car that we can use long term. We have looked into our different options and we think we have found a car that can serve our family and ministry needs. We have about half of the funds needed for it. If you would be interested in helping, let us know!

✪ Past Post: How Many Unique Characters are in the Chinese Bible?

✪ I have been really sick that past 4 or 5 days. It seems to be the flu or something like it. It was a rough day yesterday. But we got through it!

✪ I was hoping to get caught up on a lot this past week, but didn’t hardly do anything because I was so sick. Also, sorry If I haven’t gotten back to you by phone or email! I will try at the end of this week!

✪ There is so much to do and so little time to do it. Will you consider coming and helping us in the ministry. Will you consider giving your life to preach Jesus high and lifted up?

✪ Thank you for you prayers. Please continue to pray for us this week. (1) We will be traveling through Wednesday. (2) For those watching our children while we are gone. (3) My health. (4) Souls to be saved. (5) Men to surrender to ministry. (6) Funds needed to purchase a vehicle.

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