August 2013 Prayer Letter

Summer is coming to an end and the new school year has started! We are excited about what the future holds and rejoicing in all the God has done. His grace and love is so abundant. I simply stand in awe of our great God!

Last month we asked you to pray for our summer internship. We had one young Chinese college student train with me at the church for five weeks. The aim of the internship was to give this young man a chance to experience real ministry, help him grow spiritually and challenge him to give his life to take the gospel to his own country and the world!

During the internship, we studied the bible together, there was required books for reading, we distributed church and gospel flyers, spent each day together, prepared sermons and other various ministry related activities.

Also, we were able to take a trip to Harbin and join the churches there in their internship. It was encouraging to see how the work has advanced there and take part in their internship for a couple of days.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would raise an army of young men that we could train to be the next generation of Church leaders in this country.

Let me end this month’s prayer letter with a list of praises:

  • Praise the Lord for small opportunities to share the gospel this month. I was able to preach to the church in Harbin and I was able to take part in a wedding telling them Jesus is the greatest love.
  • We celebrated six years of marriage this month!
  • We celebrated three years of being in China!

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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