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The theme of our church and team of missionaries we work with for this past year has been “WITNESS.” It has been the theme of our events and a constant reminder throughout the year.

I wanted to take some post and consider this word “Witness.” As I have studied this idea of witness and personally I have been challenged and encouraged.

Our responsibility to BE a witness and is more important than one may think. We are not talking about a personal soul winning plan. We are talking about something that is life altering…if you understand it.

I hope a better understanding of WITNESS will cause our generation to open clenched fist and allow God to have our lives to fulfill his purpose of being a WITNESS to the nations. I hope it causes us to walk out to the garden and carve out six feet of space and say God “I’m ready to be a WITNESS, I am ready to DIE!”

The whole idea is summed up so beautifully in the phrase “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1)… a WITNESS to the nations.

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