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Those who have believed in the proclamation of this WITNESS are those who can testify of it! Your life has been radically transformed and you know the command to BE A WITNESS to the nations. You are to be a loud speak of the good news that has changed your life and given you life everlasting! But this doesn’t come without a price!

Being a witness among the nations will cost us something! “It is supposed to cost us something!” [1] We have been given so much, we are simply a living sacrifice!

Jesus told his disciples that they were to BE WITNESSES of him and the people they would be witnesses too would persecute them and kill them. Yes, they would literally die because of the WITNESS (Matthew 10:16-39). It may mean you will lose family, friends, and your precious rights.

As disciples of Christ we are called to take our cross! “To take up your own cross and bear it means to voluntarily and sacrificially involve yourself in the job of building the church of Christ. It means that the main occupation of our life will now be witnessing Christ to others, making disciples, and teaching them to do all that Christ as taught you to do. This will of course consume your time and your derision from others. It might demand that you leave your country for the mission field, and it might even cost your own life. This is your cross, and this is how you become a partner with Christ in fulfilling His purpose for mankind.” [2]

“Confessing Christ and preaching the gospel are two ways of expressing the same action; either way one says it, it will be a dangerous activity, because it will bring hate, persecution, and even death to the confessor. This is the cause for which Jesus called His disciples to suffer and to sacrifice themselves. This is the meaning of the cross of the disciple.” [3]

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