Shenyang, China (3 of 3) City Comparison

To help give a better frame of reference for this city, I want to compare it to the two cities that we currently have two team members working in. I really think this is the next city we should send someone to advance the gospel.

Thanks to the high-speed railway, each of these cities are easily connected to each other. You can now travel from any one of these cities (Harbin, Dalian, Shenyang) to the other in less than 4 hours.

Consider the following stats…

Population: City / Sub-provincial City / Urban Population
Harbin / 10,635,971 / 4,517,549
Dalian / 6,690,432 / 3,683,941
Shenyang / 8,106,171 / 5,967,526

Area: City / Sub-provincial
Harbin / 20,500 sq mi
Dalian / 5,111 sq mi
Shenyang / 4,997 sq mi

Population Density: City / Sub-provincial
Harbin / 520 per sq mi
Dalian / 1,200 per sq mi
Shenyang / 1,600 per sq mi

Capital Type: City / Sub-provincial City / Provincial Capital
Harbin / Yes / Yes
Dalian / Yes / No
Shenyang / Yes / Yes

Transportation: City / Airport / Train Station / Subway
Harbin / Yes / Yes / Yes
Dalian / Yes / Yes / In Construction
Shenyang / Yes / Yes / Yes

As you can see by comparing a few statistics, this city is definitely a city that we need to have a presence in. It is a key city to reaching the Northeast. Will you help us pray for Shenyang, China. Will you pray that God will raise up laborers and send them there?

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