Shenyang, China (2 of 3) Second Thoughts

My wife and I decided to get away for our anniversary. This was our first time to leave the kids in China, we didn’t want to go too far, so we decided to go to Shenyang. I wasn’t too impressed with the city the first time I visited it, but wanted to give it a second chance. We could get to the city in about an hour and forty minutes via the high-speed railway. We found a nice hotel online and planned to spend two nights and three days there. Here are my “second thoughts” about the city from the trip:

The people are friendly. This is probably the friendliest city that I have been to in China to date. Everyone seemed to be smiling and happy. It didn’t matter if it was the taxi driver, waiters, or people at the market, everyone seemed to by friendly. People complemented my Chinese way more than people do in Dalian, it was weird. (I am not sure if that is because of them being more friendly or if it has to do with the foreigner ratio).

The city is aged but modern. There are many old buildings and last time I only really saw the old buildings. But this time we discovered a very modern city that shows signs of becoming even more modern. (A visit to the “Middle Street” will show this to be true.) I didn’t see signs of huge growth like you see in other cities, but I think that is because the city is already huge! The city has age to it and I learned that needs to be respected.

The city is full of culture. Like I stated above, the city has age to it. It has been around a long time. Therefore, what comes with its’ age is a lot of unique culture. There is a lot of old Chinese architecture (like the Imperial Palace). There seems to be a good presence of minority groups who also express their unique cultures (such as seen in Korea Street and the Muslim Food Street).

The city has a huge population! Population of 8.1 million. It is actually has the largest urban population in the Northeast (5.9 million). Everywhere we went there were crowds of people. I guess last time the areas we visited wasn’t where the people were because this time we found them. We visited several different parts of the city and there were thousands and thousands of people.

The city is a transportation and business hub. Because of its’ location the city can easy connect to surrounding Chinese cities. Therefore, it has become a transportation hub having one of the busiest airports and serves as a railway hub for the Northeast. This location also makes it a great hub for businesses.

The city has great potential for our team and the advancement of the gospel. Will you consider taking that gospel to this city?

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