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✪ Did you know you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get the weekly video that we release on the  blog! This week’s China video takes you on a ride of the Light Rail in the city. Also, if you missed our last Vlog, Summertime Craze, you can watch it.

✪ Speaking of Videos, Vision Baptist Missions has been releasing videos about the upcoming Our Generation Summit on their YouTube Channel! Visit the Channel to see all the videos they have released and subscribe to it to get more videos as they are released in the future. Watch: Brief Survey of Gospel Progress in China.

✪ We had a great getaway last week for our anniversary. We visited a nearby city called Shenyang. We were able to visit the Imperial Palace, stay in a really nice hotel, shop at one of the regions largest markets and eat some good food. We really fell in love with the city while we were there. I can’t wait until I can getaway with my wife again!

✪ We visited the car exhibition going on in the city this week. It is really hard to decided which car we want to buy… Bentley… Lamborghini… just so many options. I mean we do want to be culturally relevant.

Past Post: How long does it take to learn Chinese?

✪ School is starting back! College students are coming back to town. The local high schools and elementary school which have been vacant are now swarming with people! Summer went by way too quick!

✪ The flu hit me pretty good. I am starting to feel a little better. Hopefully this means I won’t get the flu this winter! Thank you for your prayers!

✪ I have notice that I have taken a break from blogging at around the same time that last two years, which seems to mean this is a pattern that will probably continue. I will go ahead and plan my “blogging hiatus” for next year from June – August. :-)

✪ Praises: We want to thank the Lord for safe traveling last week and for our kid’s safety while we were gone. Also, my health is improving.

✪ Prayer Request: (1) My health to continue to improve. (2) Funds needed to purchase a vehicle. (3) Salvation of three college students at church Sunday night. (4) Men to surrender to ministry. (5) Wisdom in leading my family.

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