Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Og Summit Video: Survey of Gospel Progress in Japan

✪ This past week one of the pastors in Harbin was taken in for questioning after he and others from his church were singing, passing out church flyers and inviting people to church openly on a nearby college campus. They let him go after an hour or so. Pray the Chinese pastors will continue to be bold for Christ!

✪ We have a China Bible Distribution Fund. Here is how it works: (1) You give and 100% of your gift will be used to buy bibles. (2) We legally buy the bibles in China. (3) We use the bibles for evangelism, discipleship and local church outreach.

✪ Rain can complicate getting home after I get done working. I walk outside to discover it was raining and I didn’t bring an umbrella. It was rush hour and so all the bus stops had lines of people and the taxis were full. I waited. No open taxis. I started walking towards my house in the rain. Finally found a bus stop that wasn’t crowded. I got on the bus but looked at the sign wrong and got on the bus going the wrong way. I got off the bus and waited until the next bus or taxi came. Got a taxi and went home. A normal 5 minute taxi ride took about 45. Thank you rain.

✪ China Video: 058 Rhino Challenge – It is amazing how close we can get to the animals in the zoo here.

✪ Past Post: Route of Listeners (R.O.L.) – What is it?

✪ Dragon flies are everywhere! Mid summer through the fall the dragon flies come out here in the city and they are everywhere flying around. It is actually kinda of cool because they don’t really bother you.

✪ Introducing the Project China Team: Jake | Mark | John | Ben | ? | Since 2010 I have asked God to raise men to join Project China. Our request has changed over the years as we have seen how God has worked and we have seen him answer prayers. We are asking God for five full-time families with Project China. Right now we have four. Who is next? Will you pray with us?

✪ I was talking to my daughter in the taxi cab on the way to school about God. She said she didn’t want to talk about God. I said something like, “Well I want to talk about Him because I love him and He loves me. You see, daddy has done a lot of bad things but God loved me anyways. When we do really, really bad things God will still love us.” She looked at my sincerely pondering what I just said and asked, “Can He love me too?” I teared up on the spot surprised by her question and continued telling her about #theloveofGod!

✪ My blogging hiatus is over and I will start blogging again this week. My posting schedule has changed. New post will come out ever week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday around 6:00 AM.

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  1. Alexander

    Great update! I spent about 30 minutes speaking with a young Hispanic man here in Texas about your team’s ministry. He was amazed at the freedom you have in Harbin. Maybe he will be the next to go…


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