Weekly Mind Dump

✪ My oldest daughter taught me something about her recently: she is not a human! Well a least not until show grows up. For her kids grow up to be humans.

✪ Summit Video: What do you love about being a Missionary?

✪ Yesterday, I was able to visit with an American who is in town as well as meet with some other Christian workers and a house church pastor on the other side of town. It is exciting seeing what God is doing in different parts of the city.

✪ China Video: 059 Cable Cars – This is a pretty incredible view of the sea and the city!

✪ Past Post: China Doesn’t Need More Missionaries – But it does need…

✪ Our sending church, Vision Baptist, is hosting two conferences at the end of October that you might be interested in… Passionate Parenting Conference and Off Script Conference – what to do “when life goes off script”.

✪ We have tried to work with different service times to see which would work best. Each week we had four services. Two of the services are well attend and the other two aren’t. Our Sunday 8:30 service has proved so far not to being so great. At least not in this stage. We will be mixing things up here in the future. Help us pray for wisdom.

✪ One thing that I noticed about our city is the taxi driver’s are less interested in questioning you. In our previous city, when you would get in a taxi, they would ask you where you are from, ask about your family, ask what your reason is for being in China and then talk to you for any length of time based on your answers to the above questions. Then they would compliment your Chinese. Here? They usually just ask you where you are going.

✪ I got news this week of another church planning on taking a missions trip to China. If you are interested in taking a short-term missions trip to China, let us know!

✪ The next two weeks are quite busy. We have to make a border run next week for our visas, so we will be visiting a nearby country for a few days. Pray from strength and safe traveling.

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