Weekly Mind Dump

✪ It is the week of Mid-Autumn Festival. Starts officially on Thursday and includes a three-day holiday. The stores and streets are filled with people buying and selling mooncakes.

✪ We left on Monday for a visa run to South Korea. They are also having a festival this week called Chuseok which it seems to be essentially the same thing as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

✪ Some of our teammates came into town on Sunday evening. They were able to join us for our Sunday evening service (John preached) and they will be going on the visa run with us. Looking forward to spending time with them.

✪ Summit Video: Making the most of Deputation

✪ China Video: 060 Bus View – What it is like to sit in the back of a bus.

✪ Past Post: The “Getting There” Syndrome – Location isn’t priority.

✪ There is a part of town that we have wanted to be in for a long time with a gospel witness. It seems that some doors might be opening up for us to finally move into the area for outreach.

✪ One of the places that I went in this new area was an English corner and it had tons of people. I was able to make several contacts with college students.

✪ We have had new visitors at our past two services at the church.

✪ Pray for safe traveling this week. We should get back Thursday just in time for church.

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