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✪ After a couple of days of car shopping, this past week we were able to buy a new car! We got a great deal on it since is was on sale because of the Chinese holiday. We did have to take out a small loan (interest free) to be able to get the car before the winter starts since we didn’t have all the funds. If you would like to help with this purchase, let us know!

✪ Speaking of cold weather, it has started really cooling down. October has brought in the chilly weather.

✪ October 1 was the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. They will celebrate it for three days officially. They could have up to seven days off with weekend-shifting, which is something new that I learned about recently. It will have to have it’s own blog post to be explained, because it can get real confusing real quick.

✪ Past Post: A Dangerous Undercurrent – Mobilize NOW!

✪ I joined a gym recently. I don’t run when it’s cold outside, so this is my attempt to get-in and stay-in-shape through the winter etc. Also, it should help with language practise learning the new words when I go in and workout with someone. (Again, I got another great deal, about 50% off, because of the holiday sales.)

✪ Summit Video: What can distract a church from its mission?

✪ My wife started homeschooling our oldest daughter yesterday. She is doing a great job and I know she will be a great teacher for our children. Our daughter is already excited about doing school “at home” and in English. She said “Yea! I can do school in English and I will be able to understand it!”

✪ Actually, our oldest daughter does very good in Chinese. She informed us that she understands most of her Chinese school except when the teacher talks really fast or uses new words (she doesn’t understand that is how she learns) or when she listens to the radio in Chinese. We informed her that it was okay that she doesn’t understand what they are saying on the radio yet…lol

✪ China Video: 061 Street Food – If your stomach can handle it, street food is some of the best in China!

✪ Ministry prayer request for this month: (1) We are starting a new bible study. (2) We are having baptism activity. (3) We are having the Lord’s supper. (4) We are having a movie night Outreach. (5) Pray for souls to be saved!

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