Weekly Mind Dump

✪ It has been an interesting week or so. The Chinese holiday has been going on and everything seems like has been out-of-order recently. I guess that is normal.

✪ Our oldest daughter has been sick for the past ten days or so but we aren’t sure what is wrong with her. He only symptom is throwing up. We had test done at the doctor today. Please pray for her.

✪ China Video: 062 Mountain Sunset

✪ I was able to get a new computer recently. I didn’t realize how slow my old one really was until I got this one. It is amazing how technology can change in 4+ years. I am also looking forward to start using a bible program called Logos more in-depth.

✪ Past Post: Do you get it?

✪ I thought this was a great article written by my pastor called, Getting it done! Go check it out.

✪ Summit Video: Help for Timid Evangelists

✪ We are having our first movie outreach on Friday night. We have never done this before, so I am not sure what to expect.

✪ Also, Sunday we are going to try a bible study in a new area that we have reached into through English corners.

✪ Finally brethren, pray for us! We desire to see Jesus glorified in our lives!

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