October 2013 Prayer Letter

Autumn has arrived and the weather is starting to get cooler with each passing day. It is a joy to serve the Lord in China and we don’t want to take it for granted that we are given this opportunity to share the life changing message of the gospel with so many who have never heard or understood it before.

Dalian Gospel Baptist Church – The church is doing well and slowly growing. We started this church in March and the Lord is slowly adding people to it. Recently, we made changes in our service times and it has helped so far. We just had a movie night at the church where we showed “The Jesus Film”. There was a good response from those that came. Afterwards, I was able to talk with two people who a person in the church had recently led to the Lord and help them better understand salvation and baptism.

Family Update – My health has been better than it was a couple of months ago. Our oldest daughter has had some recent health problems, but we were finally able to figure out what was causing the problem, and with a change in diet and medicine, we should be able get her back to normal.

My wife started homeschooling our oldest daughter and she is doing a great job. Please pray for her since all of this is new!

Also, we were able to buy a car! We got a great deal on it since is was on sale because of the Chinese holiday. We did have to take out a small loan (interest free) to be able to get the car before the winter starts since we didn’t have all the funds. If you would like to help with this purchase, let us know!

Seoul Visa Run – In September, we had to take one of our yearly visa runs out of the country. We went to South Korea as it is the most cost-effective for us. We were able to spend some time with two of our Project China co-laborers who work in another city. The biggest blessing was the day we got back. We set the church up to be able to continue on if we didn’t return in time for the service. Even though we returned in time, that night, the church ran itself! They open the doors, prepared everything, led the service, music and even preaching!

We are privilege to be able to serve the Lord and humbled at all that He is doing. Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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