Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had a lot going on last week! For one, I turned 29! My wife made me a huge pile of cookies instead of a cake – the way I look at it, why eat cake when you can eat cookies?

✪ The not-so-fun part of last week was that is took me about 2 and half days to get the tags for our car. Getting things done can take a long time here, especially if you are getting them in your name, the foreigner. We actually got rejected at first but were able to finally get them in the end.

✪ This past Thursday night we showed the Jesus film at the church. It was out first time to do a movie night. It went pretty well. I think the church people really enjoyed seeing the Bible stories come to life on the video.

✪ On Sunday morning we had a first time bible study in a new area. I have been reaching into the college campus of this area for over 4 weeks. We had 7 guys and 2 girls come. Only 1 claimed to be Christian. I taught on salvation. At the end they all said they were interested to come back next week. Please be praying for souls to be saved.

✪ On Sunday night we had a great service and then baptized three new converts that were led to the Lord by church people.

✪ I updated some audio on this blog if you are interested.

✪ Past Post: Blessings of Deputation – Why I am for deputation.

✪ China Video: 063 Motorcycle Taxi in Dalian, China

✪ The India Film Project: This has been officially titled “Light in the Darkness” and they have release a trailer.

✪ Summit Video: What is the mission of the Church?

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