Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Sunday night we had the Lord’s Supper at church. It was the first time for a few of the new believers.

✪ Sunday morning we had our second Bible study in the new location. We had four guys come. Two of them seemed really interested in knowing more and understanding the gospel. Pray for their salvation.

✪ Our oldest daughter is doing much better. After many test, they think they figured out what was wrong and we had to change her diet and put her on some medicine. Thank you for praying!

✪ Summit Video: How does a church become passionate about world evangelism?

✪ New: China Ramblings! Vlog S001 E005 – Skyla Coaster – The college students are back from summer break, my wife makes me ride a spinning coaster even though I have the flu and our youngest daughter shows off her personality. This episode is full of fun clips and a few prayer request as some new opportunities arise. You can subscribe to our channel to get more updates in the future.

✪ Past Post: Saying Goodbye for Years! – Saying goodbye as a missionary is a little different…

✪ I made a startling observation the other day about giving the gospel in two languages. I was recently at a English corner and was asked to tell them about the bible. I presented them with the gospel and they accepted it very well. Everyone was extremely positive and thanked me for coming and telling them about God etc. That same group of people I invited to a bible study (given their enthusiasm towards the gospel) and I presented the gospel again, except this time entirely in Chinese and it was met with resistance and offense. I didn’t get the same “bubbling” response as I did when I gave the gospel in English. This showed me a major disconnect between understanding of the gospel because of the language barrier.

✪ My wife and oldest daughter went to Harbin last week to visit friends who recently had a baby… which meant that I took care of our youngest for two days! Everything went well and we are still alive :-)

✪ Excited to talk with some interns from Australia last night that are coming over in December to work with us for about six weeks. Pray for them.

✪ October has been a busy month so far, but there is still a lot to do. Praying for wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Mind Dump

  1. Glenn

    Hi Mark,

    I just happened to stumble upon “China Ramblings” while doing an internet search for missionary work in China. It is very exciting to see and read about your love for “Yesu – Jesus” and the progress you and your family are making for The Faith. As much as is possible I will continue to remember you in my prayers – hopefully every morning!

    “Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you.” 2Thess3:1

    Peace and blessings to you and your family from Thailand.

    Glenn n’ Noy

    1. Mark (CR!) Post author

      Hey Glen! Thank you for the nice comments and especially for the prayers. God has been so good to us! He is the one doing all the work! I am humbled that you would pray for us! Thank you and God bless! In Christ, Mark.


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