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✪ I have been pondering the difference between the anointing of David (1 Samuel 16) with the anointing of Jehu (2 Kings 9) over the last day or so. Both were properly anointed to be King but one had a heart for God and the other obviously in the end had a heart for power.

✪ This past Thursday we had a Halloween Activity at our house for the college students of the different universities that we are reaching out to. Our goal was to get to know them better and also for them to hopefully bring friends that we can meet. We had a good turnout and had fun with pumpkin contest, bobbing for apples, etc.

✪ The activity also helped us realize where we have more influence, as well as, which part of town we can use our house for outreach and which part of town is a little too far for people to come.

✪ Sunday morning we had a great turnout for our new bible study with 11 guys and 1 girl. This is our third week in a row to hold the bible study in this location. One one that comes proclaims to already be a Christian, so we are praying for souls to be saved! Please join with us in prayer!

✪ Past Post: Un-thank-ful – When missionaries become unthankful.

✪ China Video: 064 Geopark HighTide in Dalian, China 

✪ VBM Videos: Our mission director, Jeff Bush, loves to help churches maximize their missionary outreach and influence. Here are three videos that will help churches that are planning to have a missions conference: Activities for Missions Conference | Choosing the Right Missionary for your Missions Conference | Planning for a Missions Conference.

✪ I have been learning how to use Logos Bible Software and it has been really great. It is an awesome program that has really helped me get better organized in my Bible study.

✪ My wife has done an incredible job at homeschooling our oldest daughter. Our daughter’s knowledge is growing so quickly and she seems to really enjoy it.

✪ God has been so good to us lately. I’m really enjoying studying his word and telling others about him. Thank you for those who make is possible for us to be able to do this full-time!

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    1. Mark (CR!) Post author

      Thanks for the comment Rich! It is a great program and I am enjoying using it. Now if you can just get some more material in Chinese :-) Also, thanks for the link! God bless!


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