Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had another good week in all of our different services throughout the week.

✪ The new Bible study is still going good. We had one young man help us lead music. He is a young Christian. I am hopping to meet with him each week and study the bible one-on-one.

✪ China Video: 065 Speed Boat Ride in Dalian, China

✪ Summit Video: Why Does God want the world to hear the Gospel?

✪ CR-Blog: Training, Furlough, & Missionaries – “we don’t do missions like that”

✪ My wife has started a new bibles study with some of the college girls on Saturdays. It seems to be going good and we are praying for fruit!

✪ The kids seem to have a small cold with the weather changing. Pray for their health.

✪ The belt on our dryer broke. The repair guy said he couldn’t buy one. I found one on eBay in the UK. I ordered it and after a couple of weeks it got here. Then the repair guy said that he couldn’t fix is because other things were broken. hmm. Well at least we figured out how to buy dryer belts from the UK!

✪ Still teaching through Acts and Ephesians. Enjoying both books. Also, working on putting together some discipleship lessons.

✪ Starting in December, looks like we might have visitors each month until March! If you are interested in coming over in 2014, let us know!

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