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✪ New Episode: China Ramblings Vlog S001 E006 – Korean Style. We had to take a trip to South Korea for our visa run. We had a great time in Korea seeing the different parts of Seoul and traveling to the border of North and South Korea. As you watch this video join us in prayer that God will raise up more laborers to reach both the North and the South with the Gospel of Jesus. You can subscribe to our channel to get more updates in the future.

✪ Past Post: The Missions Conference Series – A practical guide.

✪ We have upgraded and rebuilt our Project China website from the ground up. You can now find all the information about our trips, apply online, and easily give online. Check out the new improvements!

✪ We are working on writing new discipleship lessons that we are going to be using here and encouraging the people to use as they reach out to their friends and family and teach them the Word of God. They will be available in Chinese, Pinyin, and English.

✪ We think we found an apartment this week for our guest to stay in over the next four months or so. We should secure it this week.

✪ We finally had to break down and buy a new dryer. It should be delivered today. We saw a really nice one in a mall that we randomly visited and the price was just crazy. So I decided to look it up online and we found it on a Chinese website for $600 cheaper than the store!

✪ It is starting to get cold enough now to affect our outreach outside (less people outside). We are hoping to think of some indoor activities that we can do for outreach and continue to meet people. Also, I am hoping to use this winter to encourage the people toward disciplining the people they are reaching.

✪ Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks, so we are planning on doing two seperate thanksgiving outreaches. Pray for these and that we can reach some new folks.

✪ I asked a young man this week if he believed yet or if he still had questions. He said he is “on the way”. That is a very common answer in China. He doesn’t fully understand but he is interested and willing to learn. Pray the Holy Spirit convicts his heart and he will see Jesus high and lifted up. Pray he repents and believes in the Savior!

✪ As I drive around the city or drive to a neighboring city, looking at all the small villages and the cities in-between, I ask myself, “Do they know?” “Have they had a chance yet?” “Who is there telling them about Jesus?” The task is huge and the laborers are few. If you have any desire to tell those who have never heard about the gospel of Jesus Christ, consider leaving your current life and come to China to join us. Stop playing games and making excuses and take a step of faith and carry the glorious gospel to a people who haven’t heard it yet.

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