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✪ Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all the great things God allows me to do but most importantly for the opportunity to know him personally.

✪ I recently got a call here in China from a pastor in TN informing us that his church his partnering with us for new support!

✪ The OG Summit is next month. If you haven’t registered yet, let me encourage you to get online and register as soon as possible.

✪ One of the older ladies in the church recently was telling me about how her husband is against her believing in Jesus and is mean about it. Pray for her.

✪ We had two thanksgiving meals already as outreach. The first one was held at our house for the new bible study we are trying to get started. We had about 30 people crammed in our house. We enjoyed a meal together, got to hear from Philip Bassham via FaceTime and then we went around the room and had everyone tell us what they were thankful for.

✪ The second activity was at the church on saturday night. There was around 25 or so there. People came early and cooked some of their meals at the church. Then we enjoyed another great meal together and sang some songs at the end.

✪ About half of the people at each activity were new. We invited them to come and be apart of our church or bible study activities.

✪ Chinese Culture: I forgot about this aspect of Chinese culture, but many people who came to the activity at our house brought us gifts (not sure if they were thinking of Christmas instead of Thanksgiving) and when they would hand us the gift, wrapped or in a gift bag, they would tell us what the gift was and many times explain why they bought that gift for us. No need to open it and be surprised, haha. They were very sweet.

✪ Only one person that came to our house on Friday had eaten Turkey before. Turkey is not popular here at all and most people have never eaten it before. We did have any ready in time for the activities, but we did find one imported from America this week though and my wife is going to make it for our thanksgiving meal (#3). The cost is 45元 per 1公斤, which means $7.38 per 1 Kilogram or 2.21 Pounds. Our turkey was about 5.4 kilograms or 11.91 pounds, with the total cost around $40.

✪ China Video: 067 Bungee Push in Dalian, China

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