Steps to Becoming a Missionary (3 of 6) Training & Preparation

Step #2 Training and Preparation. After you have surrendered to ministry and missions, you need to start your training and preparation. There are four areas I would recommend that you need to consider as you take this next step:

Step #2a Mentorship. You need to find a mentor that is willing to invest in your life. Someone who understand what life-on-life really means and is willing to invite you into his life to train you and help you before you go out on your own and that will be there as a continual voice in your life as you start your our ministry. This person is hard to find. This might mean that you have to move where you are living, change jobs or work hours to spend time with them or whatever else it takes. You adjust your life and schedule to theirs so you can learn from their life. A true mentor is constantly learning and teaching and so just being with them you are learning.

Step #2b Bible Knowledge. You need to be studying the bible and equipping yourself with the right tools to learn the bible. This could mean Bible college, institute, or training center. Up until this point you have been handed fish and learned to eat it well. But now you need to learn to fish for yourself. You need to have a sufficient knowledge of the Bible and what/why you believe what you do. You need to have a toolbox and library at your disposal.

Step #2c Practical Missions. Some things you can’t learn in the classroom and somethings non-missionaries can’t teach. You need to learn from real and active missionaries who can teach you from experience. Find missionaries who are getting the job done and ask them tons of questions. Missionaries on deputation or in their first term don’t know anything (me). Ask those why have planted a couple of churches, trained pastors (not just hire pastors), and learn from that practical side of their ministry. Also, consider spending time under a missionary during your first year or so on the field. If the missionary is a good one and knows how to mentor, you will benefit greatly. (Note: A topic for another post, but don’t mistake encouraging fellowship for real mentorship.)

Step #2d Theology and Philosophy. This goes along with Bible knowledge. You don’t have to have everything in the Bible figured out, because the more you study the more you will realize that you don’t know. But you need have a sturdy theology or what you believe about things and how you view the world, God and the task at hand. Also, you need to have a good philosophy of ministry and missions. How exactly will you carry out the mission. Missionaries will disagree in this area, but again, find those who are getting the job done, and learn from their philosophy and make it yours.

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Step #1 Surrendered to missions and ministry.

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