Weekly Mind Dump

✪ The Christmas tree is up! There isn’t much of a Christmas atmosphere in China, but there seems to be more and more ever year as China becomes more commercialized.

✪ We were able to get a lot of our Christmas shopping done on our day off yesterday.

✪ We had our first snow this past week! It was a few inches with a layer of ice underneath it. I tried to take our oldest to school that morning but as soon as we got on the road, I knew I needed to turn around and go back home. It took us about 45 minutes to do just that.

✪ My wife cooked one of the best Thanksgiving dinners that I have ever eaten! She made an awesome turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and finished it off with homemade apple pie. It was awesome! (Even if we didm’t eat until 8 PM because our youngest decided to turn off the oven while the turkey was cooking and no one noticed.)

✪ A Chinese friend brought another American to my house to meet me and come to find out he is from Buford, GA! That is pretty close to where we use to live in GA!

✪ I will be picking up two interns this week. One arrives tomorrow and the other arrives on Thursday night. Pray that God will use this trip to give them a greater desire to serve Jesus.

✪ China Video: 068 Goddess of Mercy in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: An Open Letter to VisionTour Goers

✪ Pray for me because tomorrow I am meeting to counsel with a young man who has been coming to our Bible Study since we started. He isn’t a believer and he is struggling with some things in his life. Pray that God gives me the words to speak and the wisdom needed.

✪ We had several new visitors at the Bible study on Sunday morning. Pray for their salvation!

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