Steps to Becoming a Missionary (4 of 6) Mobilize

Now that you have completed the first two steps…

Step #1 Surrendered to missions and ministry.
Step #2 Spent an adequate amount of time in training and preparation.

…it is time for the next step!

Step #3 Mobilize a Team of Financial and Prayer Supporters. This step is important and will help you on your journey as a missionary. Because I work with so many missionaries who do a great job in this area, I forget that many people are scared or don’t know how or why they should take this step. Many times you find people finish their training and then take a huge leap to the mission field skipping this step. Here are four reasons why I think you need to mobilize a team of supporters.

Step #3a Prayer Support. You need others to hold the rope in prayer. Missions is not a one man sport. It is a team effort. You need others to be holding the rope as you leave and go into the harder places of the world carrying the gospel. You need people praying for you and with you. You need people to help carry the financial load.

Step #3b Missions is teamwork. Give others a chance to help reach the world through your ministry. Obviously, not everyone can be everywhere at once. Not everyone is or can go. We can be involved in other places of the Earth through our giving and praying. Let others get involved where you are located through partnering with you.

Step #3c Financial Support. Raise funds needed to allow you to do more ministry. Raise enough funds that allow you to do the ministry you desire to do. It is going to be a long time before the people you are ministering to learn to give, so don’t handicap yourself by going under supported. Also, having financial support frees you from having to work another full-time job on the mission field and allows you to spend all your time doing ministry.

Step #3d Missionary Assistance. You probably need a mission board to aid you. A mission board can by a great assistant for you, in helping taking care of all your business in your home country and assisting to get your financial etc. in your new country. Most local churches don’t have the resources, organization, or know-how to probably take care of a missionary and therefore, I would recommend you find a mission board that can help you and your local church.

Next Steps:
Step #4 Field Learning: Language, Culture & Missionary Experience
Step #5 Field Work: Evangelize, Establish, Equip.

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