Steps to Becoming a Missionary (5 of 6) Field Learning

Now that you have completed the first three steps it is time to get to the field and start learning!

Step #1 Surrendered to missions and ministry.
Step #2 Spent an adequate amount of time in training and preparation.
Step #3 Mobilize a Team of Financial and Prayer Supporters.

Step #4 Field Learning: Language, Culture & Missionary Experience

Now you are ready for field learning! It is time to learn the language, culture and experience of a senior missionary.

Step #4a Language. The language is one of the most important parts of your new life. You need to make sure you spend enough time learning the new language. Even if you aren’t talented in language learning you need to learn it the best you can and put the time in to learn it. Much of the effectiveness of your new ministry will be based on how well you can communicate with the local people. There are so many barriers that hinder the message you desire to bring them, don’t let language be on of those.

Step #4b Culture Adaptation. Learn and appreciate the new culture you find yourself in. Learn the “how to’s” of the new culture and get involved with the local people. An important are in culture adaptation is your attitude. Keep a positive attitude during the entire process and through your ministry. The culture will test you in many ways and everyone will go through culture shock.

Step #4c Missionary Experience. You should work under and learn from a senior missionary for a limited time. Make sure that you are learning under the “right” missionary. Do not just work under a missionary because he is there or has bee there for a long time. The wrong missionary can actually hurt your future ministry. I do believe you can learn something from everyone, but that does’t mean you should work under everyone. Find a missionary who has learned the language well, has a ministry that you want to reproduce, and is willing to help you and invest in you.

Next Step:
Step #5 Field Work: Evangelize, Establish, Equip.

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