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✪ Both of our interns have arrived safely from Australia. We are excited they are here and excited to see how God is going to use them over the next several weeks.

✪ NEW: China Ramblings! Vlog S001 E007 – Ministry Fun – After we returned from Korea we got busy! The Lord is really blessing the ministry and we had a busy few weeks with a movie outreach, baptisms, Lord’s Supper and a new Bible study. But we still had time to go to the zoo on our days off and play together as a family! (You can subscribe to our channel to get more updates in the future.)

✪ Summit Video: How can you involve your church in the Great Commission?

✪ Past Post: Tips, Helps, and Suggestions For Short-termers Traveling to China

✪ The Sunday morning Bible study is slow growing as more people are finding out about it. We have almost reached our max capacity at the Pizza Place we are renting and will need to look for something else soon.

✪ The Church had good attendance as well on Sunday night. We had three first time visitors and then some returning visitors.

✪ We are planning to have one big Christmas event towards the end of the month. We are going to try and bring the two different groups together for this activity. We will see how it goes. The interns will be helping with a lot of the planning and organizing of it.

✪ I met a young man this week that told me he wants to be a Christian. He said from watching TV and movies he thinks Christianity is a good thing and he wants to become one. So I am meeting with him to study the Bible today.

✪ We went to an outdoor market and passed out flyers for the church. We had a lot of good response and some not so positive responses. I met one guy who said he would be interested in studying the Bible

✪ There seems to be a lot of open doors recently. Pray that we can have the wisdom and boldness to walk through them!

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