Steps to Becoming a Missionary (6 of 6) Field Work

Finally, you come to the last step, start doing what you were trained to do: start churches and train men.

Step #5 Field Work: Evangelize, Establish, Equip.

You have carefully gone through each of the steps, surrendering to missions and ministry and then getting the proper training necessary for your cross-culture work. You have moved to the new country and have a good grasp on the language and culture, as well as, learned from the experience of others. Now it is time to get busy working. All of your training and preparation is now going to be put to the test. This step is extremely exciting and scary at the same time. You are now taking full responsibility for whatever happens next. If you took any short-cuts in the previous steps, it will most likely show as you step out to start your work.

Step #5a Evangelize. As you desire to start a church or bible study, you will need to start with a lot of evangelism. Your desire is to see people come to know Jesus as Lord. You will need to meet with people on several occasion to help them understand the gospel so they can believe the gospel. This can also include personal evangelism, tract distribution, preaching or going from house-to-house.

Step #5b Establish. As people get saved, you need to start discipling them, teaching them the bible, and establishing them in the faith. Also, it is time to start establishing churches. Our goal is not just evangelism but to start indigenous local churches that will reproduce themselves and reach their community and the world.

Step #5c Equip. Finally, you want to equip the believers so the can grow and continue doing the work without you. The key point in this step is to train leaders of leaders. You want to invest much of your time into training pastors and full-time ministry workers. If the work is going to thrive, it must be done by national leadership.

Previous Steps:
Step #1 Surrendered to missions and ministry.
Step #2 Spent an adequate amount of time in training and preparation.
Step #3 Mobilize a Team of Financial and Prayer Supporters.
Step #4 Field Learning: Language, Culture & Missionary Experience

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