Weekly Mind Dump

✪ It has been a busy week! There is a lot going on! The interns have been a huge help so far and I think they are learning a lot.

✪ My wife wasn’t feeling good this week, so our oldest daughter said “Mommy, I will pray for you!” Then she proceeded to get down on her knees and asked God to make mommy feel better in Jesus name!

✪ We started a discipleship class on Saturday morning with the two interns and two other Americans who we met in the city recently. It has gone very good. We are going over discipleship lessons they can use to teach their Chinese friends.

✪ Recently Read: Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship – I recently finished reading this book and thought it was really good and needed for our time. The prosperity gospel isn’t huge in China yet, but I think it would be the next step as China gets more freedom. So many house churches are already confused on how the Holy Spirit works and are caught up in the tongues movement. To quote the book, the problem is “Pentecostals and charismatics elevate religious experience over biblical truth.” This book helps redirect focus back to the authority of the Bible.

✪ Past Post: 8 Over Exaggerated Short-termers – Which one are you?

✪ Summit Video: What is your favorite place to eat at the Summit?

✪ China Video: Countryside Views Around Dalian China & Sidewalk Concert

✪ Be praying for our Christmas outreach on Saturday. We are planning and praying for this to be a our biggest event yet.

✪ One of the interns will be starting a new English corner and teaching the Bible at it. Pray for him as he has the first one on Wednesday night.

✪ We also will need to be looking at getting a new place for the bible study as we are out-growing the pizza shop that can sit 20. We will probably need to wait until after the Chinese New Year, but be praying for wisdom in this situation.

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