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✪ From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

✪ Our Christmas party went well. We had about 50 people show up. We played some games and had snacks. At the end of all the activities I was able to preach a short gospel message from John 3:16 and then the church people sang a couple of songs for them. We gave everyone who came a bible as a present!

✪ On the way home from church on Sunday night we had two Chinese guys in the car with us and my oldest daughter was talking to them about what year she was born to figure out what animal she was. They found out she was born in the year of the cow. She then told them that she didn’t want to be a cow and requested to be a cat or butterfly (which don’t exist). – I thought it was funny.

✪ There has been many who have shown more of an interest in studying the bible lately, so my week is starting to fill up with different bible studies. I met with two guys today and had a third call me this afternoon asking when we could meet.

✪ Summit Video: What Distracts us from our Mission?

✪ China Video: 071 Dancing at the Park in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: The Next Step – “Where?” – Thoughts about choosing what city to start your ministry.

✪ Recently Read: Against Calvinism: Rescuing God’s Reputation from Radical Reformed Theology – I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read this book, but found it helpful in bringing to light many of the conundrums of Calvinism taken to it’s end. I agree with the author that incorrect theology affects the way we view God and think he offers many valid and reasonable points. Although, it didn’t answer all my questions. I also plan to read the companion book: For Calvinism.

✪ It snowed on Thursday and we had a really low attendance. But a woman in the church cooked dinner for us. It was awesome! Also, I met her family. Her mom is 86, almost blind and can’t get out of bed. She is a Christian and joyfully told me that she is ready for the Lord to take her home. Her husband likes to drink and gamble and isn’t interest in the gospel. I talked to him for a while and gave him the gospel. At the end he just shutdown and said “I don’t wanna talk.” It was a mix of emotions. Pray for them.

✪ Christmas isn’t celebrated in China. There is a commercial part of Christmas that is here, like if you walk into a really nice mall or Starbucks, they will have Christmas decorations and be playing Christmas music but an individual family does;t celebrate it. But we will take tomorrow off and celebrate as a family. Merry Christmas!

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