Christmas in China?

How is Christmas celebrated in China? It’s not.

Okay, well it is not celebrated on the same level that it is celebrated in America.

Or should I say, it is starting to be celebrated commercially but not socially (or individually).

For example, it is now common for a store to put up a generic Christmas tree and have certain promotions etc. during Christmas time. But I have never met a Chinese family that had a Christmas tree in their home (I am sure there is an exception out there somewhere).

So, if you walk into any mega mall or a western restaurant (Starbucks, Pizza Hut) you will be greeted with Christmas decorations and music for the entire month of December (and maybe many months after)! But when you go outside or go to a friends house, there is no sign of Christmas

Christmas is not an official holiday in China, so it is just another work day. Most people I have met have never “celebrated” Christmas.

The true meaning of Christmas is even more vague. The American-commericalized version of Christmas is making it’s entrance into China as things become more westernized, but the true meaning of Christmas is still left out.

Even with all the decorations, you don’t see any reference to Jesus anywhere.

Honestly, I don’t care if a Chinese child believes in Santa Clause and gets presents on Christmas day. But I do care that they know that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Salvation has come! It is being freely offered!

In Chinese, Christmas is literally “Holy Birth Festival”! I want to continue to point the Chinese people to that Holy Child who died for their sins, and not their sins only but the sins of the whole world!

Thank you, for your support this Christmas! May we continue to preach Christ!

Note: On Christmas Eve (called Peace Eve or Silent Night) they give each other apples as a symbol of peace!

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