Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Happy birthday to my awesome wife!

✪ Happy New Year! I am looking forward to a great year!

✪ Last Thursday, our youngest daughter fell down at church and hit her head on a cement corner. It instantly started bleeding and looked pretty deep. Two Chinese friends helped us take her to the hospital where she had to get three stitches and a tetanus shot. (It was pretty rough as a dad because I had to hold her down while they gave her the stitches.)

✪ China Video: 072 Balcony/Harbor View in Dalian, China

✪ The interns have been working extremely hard and getting really involved with the people and work here. I am proud of how they have taken leadership and are constantly meeting with people and studying the Bible. Pray for souls to be saved.

✪ We had a great Christmas together last week. We just took the day off and stayed home all day, calling family in the States.

✪ Recently Read: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How to Know for Sure You Are Saved – This was a quick and easy read. It aims to help put our often misguided but well intention evangelism into perspective. It helps you to “know” that you are saved and answers many of the questions that people struggle with, as well as, shows you how to teach the gospel to others in a way that isn’t confusing or misrepresentative of the truth (easy-believism). This book will help you better understand biblical conversion and assurance.

✪ Past Post: Selling Our Car in China – It was a different experience.

✪ We were passing out flyers for the church at the busiest outdoor market in the area. As we were passing them out we came across an extremely poor section of town that we have never been to before. We went door-to-door in the slums, leaving a flyer on all the doors and talking to whoever was out. Pray.

✪ “Ice Fishing” is our new term for outdoor evangelism in the winter. It is cold outside, but people are still outside shopping and meeting for English corners, so we often find ourselves outside, freezing, but fishing for men!

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