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✪ Well if you haven’t heard yet, we are expecting baby #4 sometime in July of this year! We are excited about have another little one around!

✪ China Video: 073 Rain in the City in Dalian, China

✪ Recently Read: Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis Signature Classics) – This is the first book I have read by C.S. Lewis. I enjoyed it and appreciate his thoughts/ illustrations / analogies on some of the basic truths in Christianity that he presents in the book. I don’t agree with everything in the book, find there is much lacking (in explanation and content), nor would I give the book to new believers. I do see why so many people are attracted to his writings. His thought process and way of explaining things are extremely helpful. It is definitely a talent that can be used for good or bad.

✪ We had a new short-termer arrive last night. She will be here for a couple of weeks visiting the ministry and helping out where she can. Also, one of the interns who has been here since the beginning of December is leaving tomorrow. Pray for him as he takes steps to finish his preparation for future ministry.

✪ Past Post: Boldness – “You talk about boldness a lot, but what does it mean?”

✪ Chinese New Year is coming! Which means we are going to be in low attendance in all of our services and bible studies. During this holiday, almost everyone travels and goes back to their hometowns. A lot of people are not originally from the city, so they travel back to the villages etc. Also, all the college students will be gone anywhere from 14 – 50 days! This is our first time to celebrate the New Year in this city.

✪ Our youngest got her stitches taken out. The stitches didn’t do that good of a job but she is healing up nonetheless. I think that is enough trauma for her for awhile.

✪ Pray for a young Chinese man who is considering ministry. There are a lot of hurdles in his way. He truly would be forsaking all to be a full-time minister of the Gospel.

✪ We have been working on making a good and thorough set of discipleship lessons that we can use with people before salvation, help introduce them to Christianity and the gospel, as well as, help believers grow in their faith. We are almost down with the first book. We are making them in English, Chinese and Pinyn.

✪ I was able to watch part of the OG Summit and heard great reports from those who attended it. If you weren’t able to go this year, plan for next year or even check out the OG Camp this summer!

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