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✪ Vlog: Activity Central – Season 2 Episode 1 – We are back in this new season. In this episode you can join us as we host a Halloween party and two Thanksgiving activities. Also, one evening on our way to church there were many people on the side of the street making little fires. I decided to invite them to church and even asked one lady why she was burning paper. Her answer will shock you. (Click the subscribe button to receive new updates from our channel in the future when we release new videos.)

✪ Saturday night I was giving the gospel to a group of people. We started at creation and worked our way up from there. After hearing about sin and judgement one young man looked at me and humbly asked “what can we do?” I explained Jesus death on the cross and then he sincerely asked “I know Jesus died a long time ago, but did that include me, did he die for me also?” What joy it was to tell him that he was included too! Pray for this young man’s salvation!

✪ Past Post: House Hunting in China – Here are some things to put on your checklist.

✪ Another young man who came to church the past two Thursdays. He claims to be a Christian and attend the government church. After hearing me preach for the first time, he texted me and asked me to send him the verses about salvation by faith. I sent him the verses and asked him about it the next time I saw him. He said he never heard salvation the way that I preached it. He said he has only heard it preached as faith plus baptism equals salvation. This is a common thing that I have heard over and over about the government churches here.

✪ Sunday night we had an older woman from the community come to the service. She isn’t a Christian but she said she wants to understand more. Pray for her salvation.

✪ Pray for health for our family. Everyone has been healthy so far but it seems the cold/flu might want to move in this week. I am hoping it just passes quickly. Also, pray for my wife, she is still having a lot of sickness from the pregnancy.

✪ Recently Read: The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith? – It is surprising to me that people actually believe that you can receive Jesus as Saviour and yet reject him as Lord. Salvation is by God’s grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This book unpacks that truth by explaining the teachings of Jesus. Easy-believism has crept into many churches trying to assure people of salvation even though they reject God’s sovereign authority and are unwilling to follow Jesus. A person who truly repents towards God and puts faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will inevitably produce real fruit.

✪ I have been told by many Chinese friends that the one child policy has changed (or is going to change). From what I understand, the update to the law says if you OR your spouse is an only child then you are permitted to have two children without penalty. But if neither of you are an only child, then you can only have one child.

✪ If you are a high school student or a college student that is interested in missions then the Our Generation Camp is for you. You will be motivated for missions, receive some missions training and learn from experienced missionaries.

✪ I updated the website with some Pics 201320122011. Check it out.

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