Weekly Mind Dump: The Holiday Season

✪ Even though in the States it is past the “holiday season” we are right in the middle of it here in China. Chinese New Year is next week. It is China’s biggest holiday and is comparable to Christmas in scope. Lights and decorations are everywhere and our city is slowly becoming a ghost town as people leave the city and return to their hometowns for the holiday break.

✪ As you probably have noticed, I haven’t had time to blog much recently. I have been able to give basic updates, but have been working on many other projects and haven’t found time to write for the blog. I guess there are only so many hours in a day!

✪ The young man who I asked prayer for a couple weeks ago, preached his first five minute sermon this past Sunday night. He did a good job and I pray the Lord is going to use him in great ways.

✪ There is another young man who we have been studying the bible with for 5-6 weeks now. He said he was interesed in Christianity because of what he saw on TV. When he started studying the Bible with us he said there was a lot of problems he came across (it wasn’t what he expected) but the more he studies the more those questions get answered. He said he is close to believing. Pray for his salvation.

✪ Recently Read: Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up – The books concludes that hell is real and those who reject Jesus will go there when they die. The author leans “heavily on the side that says it is everlasting” but he is “not ready to claim that with complete certainty.” I thought he wrote the book from a personal and transparent perspective (though it seemed he had a slight aversion for those more conservative than him). The book is basic, meaning he shows that the bible says hell exist and there is no other way to translate it (without misinterpreting Scripture). He doesn’t claim to know everything or how it all works but decided that God’s ways are higher than his and he will trust God. Knowing this reality should motive and change the way we live, desiring to tell others of the cross! [1]

✪ China Video: 074 View From 18 Floors Up in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: The Missionary Wife – A look at Biblical womanhood and practical ideas.

✪ Our last intern leaves on Saturday (and then we have a week before we have another visitor). He has been a huge help and has a desire to come back and serve full-time.

✪ My wife went back to the doctor this week to have the baby looked at. They did a 3D scan and everything seems to be normal and healthy. Praise the Lord!

We have been praying since 2010 for God to raise up 5 laborers for China, 1 for India and 1 for North Korea. Our team to China has been 4 for a long time now, but we just officially added our 5th member. Also, we have seen God answer our prayers for India. Now we are still praying for North Korea. Will you go?

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