Questions: Randomness, Interns, Presenting the Gospel

The following are questions that I sent in to Austin Gardner to be answered on his “Leadership with Vision” podcast. He answers these questions in the podcast below:

Answers Podcast



Baptism: How do you handle people who come to your church who have been baptized in other “churches” who hold to a different doctrinal position or who have been baptized by a female pastor? Should a person only be re-baptized (or receive real baptism) if they have never been biblically baptized, meaning administered by another (irreverent to who this is) by immersion in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as testimony of their faith in Jesus (no merit for salvation)? How do you explain that women shouldn’t / can’t baptize without a person negating their baptism if it was administered correctly but by a women.

Sermon Preparation: How many hours a week do you spend in each sermon if you are preparing to preach three times a week? How many hours to you spend preparing for other classes and courses you are teaching? And/or how many classes should you plan to teach if you are already preaching three times a week?

Language: After language school, what are things that you did that helped you continue learning the language and pushing your language ability to the next level?

Time Management: What is the best thing to do with your time after you finish language school but before you have “guys” that you are spending your days with training? If you have a church, but you don’t have any disciples who are committed to full-time ministry yet, what should you be doing?

Mobilization: How do you get young guys to be interested in the ministry? What are things we can say and do to let guys know that being a full-time minister of the gospel is an option for them and that they should consider giving their lives?


We are having two male college age interns join us in December. They are staying between 6-8 weeks. The can speak Chinese and English.

  1. What goals should we try to accomplish with them?
  2. What are some things that they should be doing?
  3. What classes should we teach them?
  4. How would you encourage them to see the need and come back as full-time missionaries?
  5. One of them asked about getting a job while he is here and thinks it would be a great opportunity to live among the Chinese, and use work as a medium to engage with people. How would you respond?

Presenting the Gospel

We have been working with several unbelievers for a while now.

They are slowing understanding the gospel as we teach them every week.

One of the challenges that I have come into recently is encouraging one to believe without putting too much pressure on them to just get a decision and not putting enough pressure on them as if this was just a decision on what where you are choosing to eat for dinner.

Common sayings here are, “I believe 70%.” or they will say “I am on the way.” We encourage them to come slowly with understanding, but what are some things we can do to help them see the seriousness of the situation at hand.

Also, another thing that seems to be common is the idea that once they choose to believe they have to follow all the rules of the Bible. They will say “I am not ready to live that way, stop cussing, smoking, drinking, tithe, etc.” It is almost a mindset that if I believe I have to live perfectly, but if I don’t believe I can live however I want.

Of course, we teach and believe salvation by grave through faith in Jesus justification. But where do you encourage or discourage this type of thinking. Should we respond with, “you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules, just believe” and then they believe and you try to get them to do the things a Christian should do (aka follow rules…not sinning or choosing to live holy would be following rules in their mindset, so this isn’t a word game). It would seem the above would have a problem with repentance.

So my question is: Would it be wrong to say, that the decision to believe and repent is a decision to live according to the will of God and everything that warrants. How would you teach someone who has never heard the gospel to ” believe and repent” without them thinking that works is part of salvation?

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