Weekly Mind Dump: New Vlog Episode

✪ Vlog: Ice Fishing – Season 2 Episode 2 – Another interesting episode! We get stuck on the road during our first major snow. The interns arrive and I interview them. We take a trip to the hospital and also host a Christmas party. At the end of the episode we go “ice fishing,” meaning we are on the streets meeting people and passing out church invitations. Finally, one of the interns gives his impressions of the slums we stumbled upon. (Click the subscribe button to receive new updates from our channel in the future when we release new videos.)

✪ Recently Read: Why I Am Not a Christian: Four Conclusive Reasons to Reject the Faith – This is the first book I think I have read by an atheist. He is “not a Christian because the evidence is not good enough.” His four reasons are: God is silent, God is inert, Wrong Evidence and Wrong Universe. To me the whole premise of the book is “If God is true then He should _____!” fill in the blank to what you think God should do. Many of his reasons are relative and based upon his own understanding of what he would do. The arguments against Christianity and for his beliefs in naturalism are not convincing. He obviously has a high view of man and in the end concludes that since there is no “Hero Saviour” that we have to be the “Hero” and make the world the way we want it to be. [1]

✪ We had to take Sky baby to the hospital on the morning of “Chinese New Year.” She was sick for about a day and a half and was progressively getting worse. She didn’t want to play or anything and she started having a hard time breathing. We finally decided to take her to the doctor around 1 AM in the morning and they said she probably has laryngitis/croup (or something like it). They gave her a shot, took some blood test, gave us some medicine and sent us home. She had a really rough night, but was able to get to sleep by early morning. The next day she was doing noticeable better.

✪ We finished the first book for our discipleship material. You can download the English or Chinese 中文.

✪ Every year since we have been missionaries our support has increased. Since we have been on the field it has slowly been going up, which is a good thing! Here were the changes in 2013: 2 churches decreased support, 2 churches increased support, 5 new supporters, 1 church dropped support.

✪ Past Post: Chinese BBQ – Is it the same as American BBQ?

✪ This month has started off slow but is going to get busy with guest and traveling. My brother-in-law is flying in this week and will be here for a couple weeks and then my in-laws are also coming towards the end of the month. We are looking forward to spending time with them.

✪ Also, I will be traveling this month. First, I will be visiting Japan for a couple days to help some friends on a survey trip and then our family will have to make another visa run out of the country.

✪ I started reading a book today about the History of Christianity in China. It is very interesting to a pattern of problems throughout history that are still problems today. I am taking note of this.

✪ God answered our prayers in giving us five families for China, but we are still asking for more! Will you come?

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