Survey Trip Basics (1 of 4) Objective & Goals

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I write about taking a survey trip in 2012 when we my co-laborer and I took a survey trip to the city I now live in. It gave a quick “how to” and what the application of the steps looked like for us.

You can read that series also, [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], as I think it will complement this set of post on the subject.

We were looking at a city and not a country, since I was looking for a considering the city to start my ministry. Therefore, because of a recent trip to Japan to help some friends with a survey trip, I thought I would write a more extensive outline covering all the “Survey Trip Basics.”



A survey trip is to learn what you will be facing when you go to your mission field and to form a strategy that will help you adjust and set the course for your future ministry.

Therefore, you will need to gather information, firsthand knowledge and personal experience that will help you:

  • learn about being a missionary there
  • learn as much of the practical side as you can
  • learn what it is going to take to get started.


  • Cost of living – How much support do you need to survive and thrive? Can you raise the support?
  • Language – How hard is the language and where can you learn it? Can you learn the language?
  • Missionary Mentor – Is there someone you can work with? Can you work on your own?
  • Right Location – Is the city a large strategic city that you can send people out from to reach the entire country? Where do the middle class live? Can you start a ministry there?


  • Gather Resources – Take video, pictures and buy items that will help give voice to your burden.
  • Greater Burden – Let your eye affect your heart. You have studied about this people and now you are going to be among them.

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