Weekly Mind Dump: Japan Survey

✪ This weekly mind dump won’t be normal because I am sitting in the airport writing it on my iPad. I don’t have time to write it like I normally do with all the links etc.

✪ I am on my way to Tokyo, Japan to help some missionaries friends on their survey trip. I hope that I can help them with the things that I have earned from living in different Chinese mega cities and traveling to other mega cities in Asia.

✪ This will be my first time visiting Japan. I read a book recently about Japanese culture and advice on doing business there. I will give my review of it next time. It seemed to give good practical advice.

✪ My brother-in-law is here in China visiting. He will be going to Harbin while I am in Japan to learn from the ministry and missionaries there! He doesn’t speak any Chinese but he will be boarding a train in about an hour to head there by himself! Pray he makes it!

✪ An interesting story from this week: I took my brother-in-law to go see a Buddhist temple. He never saw people really worshipping idols before. When we were there we saw a lady buy a small idol. Then she asked the clerk for something to wrap it in so it wouldn’t break. The clerk told her to wait a minute and the lady said, “No rush, I will worship it while I wait.” Then she placed the idol on the alter and started to bow to it and worship it. The clerk came back with a red cloth and gave it to her. She wrapped up the idol, put it in her bag and went home! I am thinking the whole time, “a god made with hands is no god at all!”

✪ I am preaching through Acts in Church and last night we were in chapter 19. It deals with idols and destroying things of false worship. We talked about that in church since there is a lot of that in Chinese culture. A lady gave a testimony at the end how she use to go to the temple and worship these idols but now worships Jesus. It also encouraged another lady to get rid of the idols in her house.

✪ Behind one of the buildings at the temple we saw a pile of the old and broken idols. It blows my mind how people can worship something that is obviously lifeless and doesn’t last. They are in darkness and blinded.

✪ We went into one temple and there were hundreds of little Buddha idols. I asked one of the workers to be clear and he confirmed it was a Buddhist idol. Then I asked him if the idols are his “god” and if he worships them, he happily agreed. Music filled the room that was just chanting this idols name over and over. Pray for the Gospel to penetrate this darkness!

✪ Our city is starting to get back to normal. Although not completely. There are still a lot of places closed because people haven’t returned from the holiday vacation.

✪ Pray for me this week as I am traveling. Pray for my friends in Japan that they will get clarity on their plan to reach Japan. Pray for my brother-in-law as he considers full-time ministry. Pray for my family as I am away.

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