Weekly Mind Dump: In-laws

✪ My in-laws were in town this past week and we had a great time with them. They are in Beijing now and fly back to the US tonight. We are thankful they are willing and able to come and visit when they can. Pray for safe traveling.

✪ Somehow we did pass on the Stomach flu to them and they were down and out for a couple of days. Thankfully, we had the medicine on hand to help with it. I am starting to think that Ikea is the common factor in passing around this bug!

✪ New: A New Year – Season 2 Episode 4 – China Ramblings! Vlog (SD) – We enjoy family time together and Sky baby really enjoys going down the slide. Fireworks! Happy Chinese New Year! Quick update about what has been happening recently. More Fireworks! More fun and Chinese New Year Festivities. My Brother-in-law was in town and we visited a Buddhist temple. It is the first time he has really seen anything like this. Pray for laborers! (Click the subscribe button to receive new updates from our channel in the future when we release new videos.)

✪ New: Zach – Exit Interview 003 (SD)

✪ Past Post: Serpents and Doves – Many misuse and mistranslated this verse to justify their own insecurities.

✪ Recently Read: What Does God Want of Us Anyway?: A Quick Overview of the Whole Bible (9Marks) – I enjoyed reading this and the emphasis that the author put on seeing the entire story and looking at the Bible through the big picture. It is easy to get lost in the details that you miss the main point and this books helps you see the main point from beginning to end. I enjoyed his summaries although the different parts of the book were extremely repetitive (thought he does warn you in the book). I thought it was a helpful short book that showed you the broader perspective through the promises of God. From the book: “God makes promises to his people in the Old Testament, and he keeps his promises in the New Testament. This message of promises made and promises kept is the most important message in all the world, including for you.[1]

✪ I have gotten behind on so much with being sick and visitors; next week starts a new semester, so things are about to get busier. It looks like I will have to find things to cut from the schedule.

✪ One of the guys from the church told me that during the break when he returned to his home town, he was able to teach some of the discipleship lessons on Sunday night at a house church he attended. That was very encouraging to hear!

✪ Please pray for me and my family.

✪ Continue to pray for more laborers!

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