Weekly Mind Dump: Writing Characters

✪ I started taking some classes to learn how to write the Chinese characters. This basically means that all of my free time and any other time that I had is now gone and I will most likely be blogging a little less frequent on here over the next several months.

✪ Also, these mind dumps might not be as long as normal. Actually, I was so busy that I forgot to write a prayer letter last month. That is the first time that I have done that since we have been full-time missionaries. I guess I say all that so you know I am not dying but just busy.

✪ China Videos: We are praying for laborers to go to this city, so check out these videos and pray: 080 Middle Street in Shenyang, China | 081 Wu Ai Market in Shenyang, China | 082 Imperial Palace in Shenyang, China | 083 Street View in Shenyang, China

✪ Past Post: Your Public Missionary Profile – Missionaries live in the public eye of the church.

✪ There are two young Chinese guys that I am now working with every week. Pray the Lord works in their life to serve Him full-time.

✪ Pray we we will be able to find a new location for the Bible Study.

✪ The due date for our baby is July 25th.

✪ Pray we will be able to setup leadership for the month of July while we are gone. We are working on plans now.

✪ Pray for our family and health.

✪ Pray for China!

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