Weekly Mind Dump: Another Saved!

✪ One of the girls who is a post-grad student in one of the universities here told me on Sunday after the Bible study that she is now a follower of Jesus and she wants to get baptized! She has come to our Bible study since we started and after a girls Bible study with my wife the night before, things clicked and she got saved! Praise the Lord!

✪ Her testimony reminded me of the chapter title “The Hound of Heaven” that I just read in a book by John Sott. She told me that it was like God was on her trail and calling her because no matter where she went and who she met, she was confronted with the gospel. She tried to live it out on her own, partially accept it, reject it, change it, and then she finally gave in and confessed Jesus as Lord!

✪ Recently Read: How to Study the Bible (John Macarthur Bible Studies Series) – I love being a teacher of the Word of God. This short book is a good reminder of the importance of Bible study and how to teach yourself/others how to study the Bible. From the Book: “Our first foundation was to read the Bible. That will answer the question : What does the Bible say? The second foundation, interpret the Bible, answers the question: What does the Bible mean by what it says?” [1]

✪ New Vlog: Tokyo Survey – Season 2 Episode 5 – China Ramblings! Vlog – I was invited to Japan to help some friends during their survey trip. Join us as we take a look at this huge city in need of the gospel. As you watch the video, hear the testimonies, and are challenged by missionaries, pray with us that God will raise up more laborers for the harvest in Japan! (Click the subscribe button to receive new updates from our channel in the future when we release new videos.)

✪ New Exit Interviews: I interview Jonathan and Will to get their thoughts on Japan as we are on our way to exit the country.

✪ Have you ever gotten to the point in life where there are so many things on the table that you enjoy doing but you can’t do them all and you have to choose what is the most important? Well that is where I am. There are tons of things I have going on that are good, but they are taking up time and keeping me from doing the better things.

✪ Past Post: The ATM! – People often wonder how our support gets to us. How does it get from the mission board to China?

✪ We have some random plans that came up this week and will be doing some traveling. I will tell more about it when we get back. Pray for safe traveling.

✪ We found a doctor that is going to tell us the gender of baby #4! We should be able to find out this weekend!

✪ Pray we can continue to find our strength in the Lord and not rely on our own power, money and abilities.

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