Weekly Mind Dump: Beijing Trip!

✪ So we went to Beijing last week, Thursday night through Saturday night. We took the night flights because the tickets were the cheapest! Maybe not the smartest thing with two kids.

✪ The reason for going was to meet up with our American and Chinese co-laborers for a time of fellowship. We were able to bring two young men with us to meet the other Chinese pastors and guys in training. It was their first time to meet guys that are full-time pastors of house churches and see guys their age training for the ministry. We are praying they will catch the same burden.

✪ Also, we had to visit the doctor, who said he would tell us the gender! After hearing all the result of having a healthy baby, the doctor finally told us that we are having a baby girl!

✪ Recently Read: A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World – I have found that most books on prayer (that I have read) are inspirational and filled with tons of one liners and cliches that are encouraging but don’t really go deep into the topic itself and this book isn’t an exception. Like other books I have read on prayer it is filled with personal examples and proof text. But I did learn from the author how to be a better “watcher” and therefore prayer, meaning that I need to stay focused on the storyline and make prayer personal and practical instead of generic or follow a form. I also liked how he modeled a life of prayer and used scripture to pray for change in others and himself.

✪ New Exit Interview: David & Misty

✪ Past Post: Reasons Not to Go – There are tons of reason that people don’t want to or can’t go to the mission field.

✪ We are preparing for a baptismal service this weekend!

✪ Please be praying that we find a place to rent for the bible study. We need more room and have been looking this past week. Pray for wisdom in choosing the right place and location.

✪ If you would like to help with the first year’s rent, as we get this place started, you can do so through the China Church Planting Fund.

✪ I have been working on a lesson about prayer for the last couple weeks and it has been challenging! Pray for me!

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