Weekly Mind Dump: Persecution

✪ Easter morning for our friends in Harbin involved the police stopping their services and taking in the leadership for questioning. As I am writing this, they are still not sure what the final outcome will be from these recent events. They need your prayers. I will list some articles that have been posted if you haven’t already been following with what has happened! (You can also follow what is going on through connecting with me on Facebook.)

✪ “Thousands of churches around the world celebrated Easter today, but few had the awesome privilege to go through what we have today for the Gospel.” – J.Taube (After being arrested during Easter morning service in China.)

✪ April 20 – Resurrection Morning 2014

✪ April 21 – Harbin Church Update: Their Words Are Never Final

✪ April 21 – Persecution In Harbin, Please Pray

✪ April 21 – Persecution of the Chinese church

✪ As far as I know (at the time of me writing this), they are still waiting and won’t be able to find out much until tomorrow when they have to go back to the police station!

✪ It has encouraged me to watch the Chinese believers respond with joy in this time of persecution. Pray for them as they will continue services this week in spite of the police stopping their services on Sunday.

✪ As for our services here in Dalian, we had great services at the churches. The people were excited and we had first time visitors at each service. It was a blessing to be with the brethren on Easter!

✪ Pray for the lost who visited Sunday. Pray they will come back, understand and believe the gospel!

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