What next? How do we go forward?

Through the interrogations at the police station, they know just about everything about the Harbin ministry. They know how much money is spent, where the churches’ location are, who the leaders are, the names of everyone that was in attendance, etc. So the obvious question is, “What next?

Many people are probably wondering “how do they move forward” after an event like this happens.

If our American missionary friends get kicked out, how can we in good conscience tell others to go? How can we encourage people to continue to be bold in China? Were we out-of-place in our thinking and bold approach to ministry in a closed country? We talked much, and now we are in trouble. What now?

To me, the answer to these question are simple: we will keep doing what we have always done because it is biblical. Nothing changes. We do not advocate being bold because we think you won’t get caught, but because it is the Bible thing to do.

There are mixed emotions that come with an event like this, but I do know that it encourages me (to train men and continue attempting great things for God). You can be confident that…

We will not back down.

We will not be silent.

We will be loud.

We will be bold.

The churches in Harbin were ultimately caught because they were bold in ministry and the people who don’t approve of Christian activities found out and persecuted them for it.

The reason for the persecution is simple: believers were actively, consistently, and boldly teaching the Bible and establishing local independent churches. If they would stop doing that and just become timid evangelist, there would be no persecution (proof is in the evidence of the thousands living in China just occasionally “sharing” the gospel when opportunities arise).

So, how do they/we/you go forward?

For the churches, they should continue doing what they always have done. Yes, they may evaluate some of the areas they have used for outreach and change the methods, but they must continue getting the gospel out and teaching the Word of God. They must continue meeting together, partaking in the Lord’s supper, baptizing new converts, supporting their pastor, etc. lest they cease to be a local church.

For perspective missionaries, come with us to China and risk being deported for the gospel. When the police came the first time in 2011, I was the only one on our team that was in attendance. They questioned me on the spot and warned me about all the laws of China. At that time, there was one main church in Harbin and no churches in Dalian. Now, there are four churches in Harbin (with men training to start more), and there are two new churches in Dalian. Look how much was accomplished within a short-time! Let us help train you to do just this, start churches and train men!

For us, China is risky, and we will risk it. Afterall, we are missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard. This is not the first time of persecution for our team. You can read back through the post on this blog and see that we have experienced this as a team and will continue to experience it.

Read through the blog post from 2011 and you will see that we haven’t changed much, but will continue boldly serving the Lord, even in persecution!

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3 thoughts on “What next? How do we go forward?

  1. Name withheld

    It is sad that you were kicked out for doing what God wants you to do, BUT, GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN!!!
    I was also kicked out of a Communist Country after nine years of “trying to be careful, yet effective.”
    God allowed us to take part in starting an I.B. Church, and now there are five more being started! WE praise God for what He allowed us to do, although our hearts are still there, even though our bodies are in a different country. However, God has allowed us to work very close to the country we were kicked out from. God is good! All the time!
    Christians must do what is commanded of them to do! There is no choice!
    However, Jesus told us to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”
    Somehow, I believe we forgot about the “wise” part.
    Pray for those that go to China and other restricted countries, that they don’t forget to be wise in what they do.

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks for the comment “Name Withheld”. No one has been officially kicked out yet, but it is looking like it might be a possibility for some of our friends. That is great to hear about what the Lord has done through you. We know He will do great things in the situation also.

      As for the verse you mentioned, I think those who are “not bold” are the ones guilt of not being wise as serpents. If the verse is taken in context of the passage, it really can’t be taken in the manner that most interpret it when it’s quoted by itself. You can read more about my thoughts on it here:

      Serpents and Doves (3 of 5) Wisdom – https://www.chinaministry.org/archives/12264

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