Weekly Mind Dump: Change of Plans

✪ We weren’t expecting to return to the States anytime soon, but due to our current visa situation we are going to make an 8 week trip back to the States this summer. We were hoping to go a different avenue with renewing our visas, but this fell through for this renewal period.

✪ Also, due to the timing of the visa renewal, we plan to return early enough so baby #4 will be born in the States. This was a last-minute decision since we would only have around 20 days to leave the country after the baby was born (including getting its’ passport and visa). So it seems wise to leave early enough to avoid this frustration and potential problem.

✪ We should have enough time on this trip to renew expiring passports, apply for new visas, and get addition documents that we need for future visa renewals.

✪ Another benefit of this trip is our absence will allow the “situation” to “cool down” here in China. The police in Harbin have asked about us again and this will allow those still dealing with the situation to tell them that we have left the country.

✪ One of the men we have worked with said he would step up and lead the churches while I am gone and two other men said they would be willing to help him. I am excited about this opportunity for them to lead and the churches to have a chance to be on their own.

✪ When we return to the States our home base will be near our sending church, where we will attend and serve. We won’t be traveling far from there because of my wife expecting. Once we better know what our transportation and housing situation will be like, we can better know how to book meetings with churches in the area.

✪ We had a police officer come to church last Thursday night BUT I had invited him about a month or so ago when I met him. He said his wife’s mother is a Christian and he has some interest. He acted like he enjoyed the service, was amazed I spoke Chinese, and said he would come back. Another police officer from Harbin (with no known connection to what happened in Harbin) emailed me and said he read the discipleship material I sent him and says he believes in Christianity now. Then he said he wants to hear me preach and said he would help set up a time for me to preach at the biggest government church in the city. Not sure how I feel about that, but we will see. Hopefully the Lord is truly at work in his life! Pray for these two men please!

✪ There is still time to buy the Project China Shirts. They have already sold over 130 shirts and raised over $1000 for the churches in Harbin. If you haven’t bought one yet, you can buy one until May 25. The shirts cost $15 and you can buy them in Black, Brown and Pink.

✪ Past Post: Why is Mandarin So Difficult? (Chinese Basics) – There are several reasons for this.

✪ Videos: 090 N Seoul Tower | 091 Bongeunsa Temple Seoul

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