Weekly Mind Dump: Small Victories

✪ Sunday was another day of small victories for us. First, we had two young men in their 20’s who were baptized. The victories were not only these men getting baptized but they were baptized by another young Chinese man in the church. He will be leading the church while we return to America. This was something he obviously needed to know how to do since, we are expecting to see God do great things even in our absence!

✪ Sunday night I taught on church membership and we made commitment cards of what would be expected of a member of our church. We had ten people who filled them out and officially joined the church. Praise the Lord!

✪ We have finished the second book in our discipleship material that we are writing. It is being reviewed right now and I will sent out a link for it whenever it is finished. The first book deals with Christian Basics ”Understanding Christianity”. The second book deals with the Christian Life “Practical Applications”. The third book, which we are just now starting is going to deal with our Christian Identity “In Christ”. Please pray for wisdom as we write these lessons.

✪ Past Post: Deputation Tips: Random Advice, Presentation, Die!

✪ Videos: 092 Paju Premium Outlets | 093 Unification Observatory Paju | 094 Sunset along the Border Korea

Our Generation Camp: Next month is a great missions camp that our church and mission board holds for young people interested in missions. If you are interested check it out, or if you know someone who is, pass along the information! (June 9 – June 13, 2014.) Check out the promo videos!

✪ Credit card rant: The more I see people with positive attitudes towards credit cards and push them, as if they are oblivious to the dangers of them, I liken it to alcoholic… just because you don’t have a problem with it doesn’t mean the person behind you won’t have a problem with it. Are you willing to lead them down a dangerous path because you have power to use them correctly? Use with caution. Ok, done.

✪ Short-Furlough: If you didn’t see our announcement last week, we are returning to the States this summer go about 8 weeks. We will switch visas and have our third little girl there before we return.

Project China Shirts: You can still buy the shirts… before May 25!

✪ We had another family join our Project China team as full-time missionaries! We are excited about it and praising God for answering our prayers!

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