Weekly Mind Dump: Furlough Needs & Articles

✪ As we prepare for our short furlough this summer we are still in need of a car and a house to rent during our time there. If you could be praying with us about these two main items, that would be great!

✪ Read: “Open Letter to Parents” over at Pioneer Senders by Trent.

✪ Read & Watch: “A Day in the Life” over at Women Behind the Scenes by my wife.

✪ Read: “Answers from the Black Box” over at Gospel in China by Jake.

✪ Read: “House of Mirrors” over at China Church Plant by John.

✪ Read: “Persecution Continues in China for the Believers” by Pastor Austin on his personal blog.

✪ The OG Camp is coming up next month! If you are a young person interested in mission, check it out!

✪ The Project China Shirt sale is over! Thank you to everyone who participated. We sold 220 shirts and raised $1,650 dollars! Everyone’s shirts will be delivered over the next two weeks. When you get the shirts make sure to take a pic of you wearing them, then upload and tag our team on Facebook!

✪ Our family has colds…again. Pray for us all to get better. Pray for me, it seems I have it the worse. It is really messing with my eyes.

✪ Recently Read: Galatians For You (God’s Word For You) I finished reading this book this week as I am studying through Galatians and I really enjoyed the book. He explains everything in a simple, readable style that is enjoyable and gives many great illustrations to help point out the important truths. If you are studying through Galatians, consider this book. From the book: “The gospel—the message that we are more wicked than we ever dared believe, but more loved and accepted in Christ than we ever dared hope—creates a radical new dynamic for personal growth, for obedience, for love.” [1]

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