Weekly Mind Dump: Visiting Friends

✪ Our friends made it here safely this past Friday. We have been enjoying our time with them as they experience the missionary side of life.

✪ The husband was able to share his testimony at both churches on Sunday and his wife will be speaking at a ladies activity on Saturday.

✪ We had two first time attenders on Sunday. Pray for their salvation.

✪ The government seems to be tightening their grip on Christianity for a season. It seems to be a response to the many cults claiming to be Christian. Several Christians at the universities have had their information recorded just for being Christian.

✪ I was invited to speak at an outreach that another missionary was hosting in town and able to invite some people from there to our church. Pray that we will have more new visitors from that outreach.

✪ We are looking forward to a few guys joining us for the Vision Tour next week. We are going to have a great time!

✪ China Videos: 095 Night View Paking Lot in Dalian China | 094 Park and Mountains in Dalian China

✪ Past Post: Musings as we return to China… It has been good to visit America, but I have longed to return to China.

✪ Recently Read: God and the Gay Christian?: A Response to Matthew Vines (Conversant) – I came across this book as I finished reading Vine’s book. Knowing the deception the other book teaches, you can tell the authors felt compelled to respond with the true, Biblical, Christian, and historical position. I enjoyed this book and recommend it. It adequately refutes Vine’s claims and it is an excellent representation of truth as presented in Scripture. From the book: “Biblical Christianity can neither endorse same-sex marriage nor accept the claim that a believer can be obedient to Christ and remain or persist in same-sex behaviors. The church is the assembly of the redeemed, saved from our sins and learning obedience in the school of Christ. Every single one of us is a sexual sinner in need of redemption, but we are called to holiness, to obedience and to honoring marriage as one of God’s most precious gifts and as a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church.” [1]

✪ Recently Read: God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships – The author of this book makes a case for same-sex marriage based on the “understanding of same-sex orientation is uniquely modern” and he twists Scriptures to “apply the basic principles of the Bible’s teachings to this new situation.” [2] And that is exactly what he proceeds to do in this book. He has a low view of Scripture and high view of man. He starts with “homosexual orientation” as an absolute positive truth and then sets on a journey to force the Scriptures to fit his agenda. He craftily pieces together his arguments so that your average reader who doesn’t know their Bible will be easily deceived. The book is unconvincing because it goes against scriptures clear teachings. Sex is to only be enjoyed in the covenant-marriage of one man and one woman as established by God, reaffirmed by Jesus, and taught within the church. Homosexuality is sin – it is disobedience to God. Only through repentance and faith in Jesus we become Christian; the transforming power of the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit means we can’t continue to embrace sin – homosexuality or any other kind.

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