Weekly Mind Dump: In the USA

✪ We made is safely back to the USA with the entire family and are settled into a basement apartment in GA. Everything went smooth on the 14 hour flight even though my wife was 35-36 weeks pregnant. The kids even did great on the long flight :-)

✪ Thank you to everyone who prayed for us while we were traveling and/or made arrangements to help us get settled into our temporary home.

✪ Before we left, we were able to host a Vision Tour group from our home church. Seven from our home church spent 10 days with us in China, as we toured the city, were involved in outreach, and were an encouragement to us. — This is why I was busy and din’t get around to blogging last week :-)

✪ During the Vision Tour we did have problem with the police during outreach. On of the guys gave a church flyer/tract to a police officer by accident. He was passing flyers out and didn’t realize he handed one to an officer in full uniform. The officer obviously stopped him and took him and the guys with him into the campus station and questioned him and one of the Chinese guys with him. After about two hours, they release them and told them they could not preach religion in China. This is the first run in with the police that we have had in our city.

✪ Even though we had the problem with the police, I think the Lord used it to help strengthen the faith of the Chinese guys who are considering full-time ministry. One of them made the comment: “If I get kicked out of school for this, I guess I will be serving God full-time a lot sooner.”

✪ Please Pray for the two men who are leading the churches in our absences, Ben and Ryan. Also pray for James and Michael, who are also two young men that are helping in the churches while we are away. I didn’t want to leave, but the situation with visas are out of my hands and so I am praying the Lord will use this situation to give them even more of a desire to do full-time ministry.

✪ I got report that the first service after we left had good attendance and everything went really well. I praise the Lord for such a report!

✪ We are looking forward to the opportunities we have while we are in the USA and looking to use our time here to help edify our home church, prepare future material and sermons, have a baby and get our affairs in order so we can return to China in September.

✪ Recently Read: An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens In Which the Religious State of the Different Nations of … of Further Undertakings, Are Considered – This is another one of those “short books” that is iconic in Christian missions, but It wasn’t until recently that I read it. I really enjoyed the book and the simplicity of his case for world evangelism. Even though this was written in 1792, it remains motivational for our generation to move forward with the mission of Christ. From the book: “Some attempts are still making, but they are inconsiderable in comparison of what might be done if the whole body of Christians entered heartily into the spirit of the divine command on this subject. Some think little about it, others are unacquainted with the state of the world, and others love their wealth better than the souls of their fellow-creatures.” [cit.1]

✪ Recently Read: False Prophets and the Antichrist – This booklet, which is more like a 21 page double spaced outline with verses, was obviously a quick read. It was to the point and okay for a quick reference to verses dealing with the subject and giving “basic” commentary on them. From the book: “Again, you will know them by their fruits, and the most evident fruits will be, self-elevation and de-emphasis on the need for obedience to God’s laws.” [cit.2]

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