June, July 2014 Prayer Letter

I am continually amazed by the grace of God and all that He allows me to do for His honor and glory. I am praying this summer that God will continue to show Himself strong and mighty in my life and through the work He is doing in China!

In the USA: After realizing our plans to renew our visas in country wasn’t going to be an option, we decided that we had to return to America to get the proper long-term visas. Also, with our visas close to expiring around the same time as the baby being born, we knew we wouldn’t have enough time to get all the paper work and leave the country, which led to us leaving for the States on June 25th.

A side benefit of our leaving is to allow the situation in Harbin and China in general to settle down. The police had asked for me to come there so they could “talk with me.” So not being in the country for a couple of months will hopefully help with this and all us to get new passports and visa.

Persecution in China: As we reported in our last prayer letter, our American teammates were recently deported from China for the gospel sake. The Chinese pastors and some of the believers are continuing to have problems with the police there. But they have not stopped having services and the churches are continuing on in spite of these circumstances. Please continue praying for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

We also had our first run in with the police last month in our city. A visiting pastor handed a church flyer to police officer and he was stopped, taken to a campus station and questioned. The Chinese man with him was also questioned and took responsibility for the church and the flyer (he was the one who designed it). This man just became a believer in January and he is standing faithfully in spite of being intimidated by the police. When they released them later that afternoon, they told the American Pastor: “It is illegal to preach religion in China.”

Prayer Support: During our absence in China, there are two Chinese young men that are leading the churches. I want to ask you to help me support them in prayer over the next couple months. This is a huge step for them to take. I know they will face many trials and hardships over the upcoming months. Their english names are Ben and Ryan.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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